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Some Common LED Mirror Designs

Mehshan Interiors bring you the best design LED mirror for sale in Pakistan. When you have an amazing choice available at a cheaper price then why settle for ordinary mirrors? Light mirrors are available in various designs and shapes. We have listed all our trending mirror designs that can help you choose the perfect design mirror according to the space available. Our website includes all the essential information about these mirrors.

Due to their increased popularity, these mirrors are available in the different prraonenges. We have mentioned LED mirror prices in the product description so that you can choose the ones that fit your budget perfectly. LED lights are commonly available in white and yellow colors that display everything very clearly and neatly. These mirrors improve lighting in the place and can also serve as backup during electricity cut-off if they are battery-operated. Some of the most popular designs include:

Illuminated Mirror:

Illuminated mirrors are very fancy and these give the place a modern look. Any mirror that has lights installed is called an illuminated mirror. People have started to prefer mirrors with LED lights over simple plain mirrors as they add beauty to the overall look of the room. These are very popular because they are very energy efficient and these increase the value of the home. These LED lights are very comfortable to the eyes and they look very aesthetic with spotlights. These come in many styles that are mentioned further in the blog.

Back-Lit LED Mirror

These mirrors have LED lights installed at the back frame of the mirror. As these lights are at the back, they prevent the rough surface that is usually due to light installation at the front. They give more surface area and more subtle light to every part of the face. These mirrors are perfect for slight touch up. Backlit mirrors are common in bathrooms.

Vanity Mirror:

These mirrors have LED bulbs installed at the surface of the mirror. These are primarily used for makeovers. People who have to dress up, and do makeup and hairstyle as part of their daily job usually prefer this type of mirror. The light coming from the LED bulbs makes sure the makeover is on point, and every nook and corner of the face looks monotonous. Many celebrities and tiktokers prefer this type of mirror with lights. These mirrors are also available at Mehshan Interiors.

Standing Mirror:

These mirrors with lights are very useful as these give the overall look of a person. You can see yourself from head to toe and make necessary changes accordingly. These are usually fixed in wardrobes and dressing rooms, while some people also place them in their bedrooms. Standing mirrors are a must-have in every home. You can get one online from anywhere in Pakistan from Mehshan Interiors.

Apple-shape Mirror:

The apple-shaped mirror is a very unpopular mirror design. Therefore, this mirror looks very unique and attractive. The apple design signifies uniqueness and gives a very different overall look. People usually place this design mirror in their bathrooms and bedrooms. You can get this mirror design from Mehshan Interiors.

Rectangle Mirror:

This rectangular-shaped mirror with LED lights has a greater width. Therefore, it provides a larger surface area. You can use this LED mirror if you have a wider place to cover it. These have amazing metallic and wooden frame designs that make them look very attractive. We have many different rectangular mirrors designs available on our website.

Mostly these mirrors are found in public restrooms and bathrooms as they have multiple sinks attached horizontally. These are also commonly seen in hotel lobbies and corridors. Many people place these in their drawing rooms and lounge. 

Oval Mirror:

If you are looking for a unique mirror design, you should opt for an oval mirror. It has a very different look than a simple round and rectangular mirror. This mirror provides an image of a person from head to neck. It makes it easier to fix hairstyles and makeup. It also takes up less width but a little more space in height. You can use this oval-shaped mirror in your bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and drawing rooms.

Square Mirror:

Square is the most preferred LED bathroom mirror shape. Square-shaped mirrors have a perfect surface area and an elegant overall look. These also come in different wooden frame designs that look very beautiful. The yellow and white LED lights show every color accurately which helps in doing makeup. These are available in different sizes on Mehshan Interiors.

Round Mirror:

Round-shaped mirror designs look very chic and stylish. These are available in multiple sizes that will fit perfectly according to your need. These round-shaped mirrors are also very popular and preferred. These also have beautiful metallic and wooden frame designs. Round-shaped mirrors are usually used in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Get a high-quality round-shaped LED mirror from Mehshan Interiors.

Customized Design:

At Mehshan Interiors, we vow to fulfill your needs. You can customize our designs according to your favorite color, material, design, and shape. This way you will get an LED mirror exactly the way you want. You can get more information about customization in the product description. Get your customized design LED mirror today!


We have discussed different LED mirror designs that you can choose from. The top-quality glass mirror with premium quality LED lights ensures its strength and durability. At Mehshan Interiors we make sure your money gets value. We offer our customers top-quality glass mirror designs at very cheap prices. Buy your favorite mirror designs online from anywhere in Pakistan.

Get mirrors with LED lights delivered safely to your doorstep. You can also add some small decorations around the LED mirrors to uplift the look of the room. Also, you can read our blogs on how to decorate LED mirrors. You can also find wall decorations on our website. You can place your order for the latest LED mirror designs online from anywhere in Pakistan.

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