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What is an LED Mirror?

LED mirror are plain or simple mirrors with LED lighting. LED mirrors have LED strips inside the frame that provides brightness during the day and night. These mirrors with light have a built-in light with adjustable intensity.

LED mirror lights have many exciting features that make them convenient and stylish. LED mirror sensor switch allows control on brightening or dimming the lights according to your preferences. The mirror is made up of high-quality crystal glass material that is durable and long-lasting. They don’t take up any extra space, making them ideal for small bathrooms. It consumes less energy than traditional bulbs, which means it won’t add to the cost of your electricity bill. The LED mirror has become a popular choice among consumers because it offers several advantages over its traditional counterparts. 

What’s the difference between backlit and illuminated mirrors?

Backlit mirrors are those which use a light source behind the mirror itself. Illuminated mirrors are those which use an external light source. The main advantage of using an illuminated mirror is that it doesn’t matter where you place it. It will always illuminate whatever is reflected by it. On the other hand, backlit mirrors are not portable. They must be placed close to a wall socket.

Traditional Designs Of Led Mirror

These are two popular LED mirror designs. These are backlit mirrors and illuminated mirrors.

Backlit mirrors have a light source behind the mirror. LED mirror lights are attached at the back of the mirror allowing more space on the glass. That gives the LED mirror a stylish look, but these are not portable. They need to be placed near a wall socket.

Illuminated mirrors are those which use an external light source. These have light bulbs beneath the surface or on top of the glass. The main advantage of using an illuminated mirror is that it is portable. You can change its place wherever you like.

Popular Uses of LED Mirror

LED mirrors in Pakistan are on sale in many different designs. They are most commonly available in round, square, and rectangular shapes. LED mirrors serve multiple purposes. Some of them are mentioned below:

Bathroom LED mirrors

Lighted bathroom mirrors are currently trending all over the world. Every modern washroom in restaurants and five-star hotels has these. Lighted mirrors for bathrooms are available in many colors and designs that uplift the look of the restrooms and make them more pleasant and comfortable. Washroom LED mirrors are readily available in Pakistan.

To find the perfect mirror with light for the bathroom you need to know about trending light mirror designs. Find the latest design LED mirrors for the bathroom on our website.

Vanity Led Mirror

Vanity or makeup LED mirrors can be placed in your bedroom, bathroom, saloons, beauty parlor, etc. LED mirror for vanity is the best choice because it doesn’t heat up due to longer use. It has a very bright light that is perfect for applying makeup or performing other beauty routines. They also last longer due to top-quality glass and durable material. Buy LED mirrors for makeup to avoid spending much time doing it. Vanity Mirror is a perfect investment for those who apply makeup on a regular basis for creating reels or shooting short videos.

Bedroom LED Mirrors

If you cannot find a way to upgrade the look of your room, buy LED mirrors for your bedroom. LED mirrors for bedrooms usually have an elegant wooden frame that brings out a unique and royal look. If you enjoy dressing up or doing your makeup in the room, get an LED mirror for the dressing table. You can also place small LED mirrors in your room to give it a fancy look.

Full-length Led Mirror

A full-length mirror is a versatile addition to any room. It can help you see your image head-to-toe, and it can also make a room look larger or brighter. If you have an empty wall in your home and are looking for a way to fill that space, a full-length mirror is an easy feature that will add both form and function to your home. And if you are looking for something more than just a traditional, rectangular mirror, there are many creative ways to hang mirrors on the wall with different shapes and finishes.
Check Out the Latest Mirror Design Here

Hollywood Led Mirror

Hollywood mirror designers got inspired by the latest trends in home decoration and created a beautiful Hollywood-style standing mirror. Its simple and elegant look will inspire and encourage you to share your beauty secrets with yourself every day. Find this Hollywood-style LED mirror in Pakistan.

Where to Buy LED mirrors in Pakistan?

Are you wondering where to buy LED mirrors in Pakistan? Let your first choice be Mehshan Interiors. Buy LED mirrors online with a warranty from anywhere in Pakistan. Customize the size, color, and shape according to your choice and get your dream product delivered to your doorstep.

Do you want to know which LED is the best in Pakistan? LED mirror light price varies greatly depending on the brand. Many companies manufacture LED lights for mirrors, but always select companies that offer a better warranty. We at Mehshan Interiors use branded LED lights in your mirrors. These come with a warranty! This way you will not have to change your bathroom led mirror light repeatedly.

LED Mirror Price in Pakistan

Some people think that these mirrors are costly. But these days they are not as expensive as they were before. LED mirror lights in Pakistan are available in many different qualities. LED mirrors’ price varies depending on the size, quality, material, and design.  

Simple wall mirror price in Pakistan ranges from 5,500 PKR – 7500 PKR depending upon the material and size.

A standard-size bathroom LED mirror price in Pakistan ranges from 6000 PKR – 8500 PKR.

Buy a mirror for your vanity with lights without worrying about the price. You can easily buy according to your budget and according to your choice. We offer the best mirror price in PakistanVisit our website to find LED light mirror prices in Pakistan.


LED mirror is a very trendy interior item in Pakistan. People choose designs that suit their room theme and enhance the overall look. LED mirrors are available in multiple kinds that look beautiful when you fix them on your wall. Choose an appropriate style for your room, kitchen, bathroom, and office.

Willing to buy LED mirrors in Pakistan? Visit Mehshan Interiors to buy LED mirrors in Karachi! We offer a variety of the latest designs at reasonable prices with high-quality LED lights. You can easily choose your favorite vanity with a LED mirror online and get it delivered anywhere in Pakistan.

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