Buy Beds Online in Pakistan

Beds Online in Pakistan

Are you worried about Buy Beds Online in Pakistan? We at Mehshan Interiors will help you redo your bedrooms by offering the best bed designs in Pakistan! Why choose a simple bed design or go through the hassle of making your bed when you have the option of buying bed furniture online in Pakistan?

Yes, you read it right! Mehshan Interiors offers high-quality beds for sale all over Pakistan. Head over to our website to select your favourite bed design in Pakistan with the price available. Visit our store if you are looking for a bed for sale in Karachi.

Types of Beds:

Double bed:

Modern beds come in various shapes and sizes. You get many options to choose from starting from the frame material to the colour, size, design, and upholstery fabric. Some common Pakistani bed styles include:

This is the most common bed style found all around the world. This is because it comes in many shapes and sizes. We’ll discuss some common bed designs later in the blog.

Standard Double Bed (4.5×6.25)

These beds have a 4.5 feet width and are 6.25 feet in length. Most single people prefer this bed size.

King-size bed (6×6)

King-size beds are also known as full-size beds. These beds are 6 feet wide and 6 feet long. The height of the bed usually varies with the design. This bed is usually preferred by couples.

King Size Bed

Queen-size bed (5×6.6)

The standard dimensions of the queen size bed are 5 feet wide and 6.6 feet long. Couples with smaller rooms prefer this bed size.

single bed (3×6.25)

Single beds are preferred for kids’ rooms or guest rooms. These are also common in various designs. The width of these beds is 3 feet while the length of these beds is 6.25 feet.

Kids’ Double Bed

Kids’ double beds are also available in the sizes mentioned above. They come in many cartoon theme designs or other colourful options that your kids will surely love.

Bunk Beds

This is another amazing option you can look for your kids. This multilayer bed design helps save space and comes in many designs.

Bunk Beds

Sofa Bed

If you are not sure about dedicating an entire room to a bed, you can choose a sofa bed design. The size of the sofa bed depends on the number of seats. While buying a sofa cum bed make sure to buy the best foam bed design. Choose the foam that is most durable and offers a good warranty. The sofa cum bed option is very trendy and stylish. Read our blog on sofa beds to learn more!

Sofa Cum Bed

Bed Sizes in Pakistan:

Beds in Pakistan are available in standard sizes. They can also be customized according to your preference. The table below mentions common bed sizes (in inches):

DimensionsDouble BedKing SizeQueen SizeSingle Bed
Length (inches)75728075
Width (inches)54726036

Latest bed designs in Pakistan:

Your bed set furniture can make or break the look of your room. Therefore, it is important to choose a bed set design that goes with the overall vibe and aura of the room. We have the latest bed designs available at Mehshan Interiors. These modern bed designs will help you choose your favourites more efficiently. Some trendy bed designs include:

  • Wooden Bed Design

Some of the most decent bed designs can be found in wooden materials. Simple wooden bed designs are very common in Pakistan and are available widely. The price of the wooden bed depends on the type of material used. Pure hardwood beds can be expensive while wood laminated beds are cheaper. Find double bed designs in wood and other wood bed design in Pakistan only at Mehshan Interiors.

Wooden Bed
  • Tufted Bed

Another eye-catching bed design is the bed with a button-tufted back. This bed design is usually found in beds that have a back made up of leather upholstery fabric. Tufted beds are very common in Pakistan because of their elegant look and style. They are available in basic colours such as black, royal blue, white and brown.

  • Trundle Bed

This bed design has a foldable bed underneath. A trundle bed can help accommodate more people for sleepovers efficiently. You can fold the third bed back inside when not in use. This provides extra sleeping space for guests or couples that have younger children.

  • Velvet Bed Design

This new bed design has velvet as an upholstery fabric that gives the bed set furniture a stylish and modern effect. Velvet being a royal fabric gives the bed set a unique look. This fabric is a relief for the eyes due to its soft texture.

  • Bridal Bed Design

Are you searching for luxury bedding? Then, do check out the wedding collection on our website. Our royal bed designs at cheap prices will surely catch your interest and make your wedding shopping easier.

  • Black Bed Design

Have you heard “Black is the new Cool?” Check out new style beds and some of the best bed designs in black colour. The best part of a black bed set is that you can create a contrast with any colour you want because black goes with almost every colour. Buying a black bedroom set will help you create a minimalist vibe and a bold vibe both at the same time. You will be able to redo your bedroom themes easily.

Simple Bed Designs in Pakistan:

Willing to buy a new bed? Still cannot decide on your bedroom bed design? Sometimes all we want is a simple and elegant design that looks beautiful. Check out some simple bed designs in Pakistan that will help you select a modern bed for your room.

Single Bed Design

Check out this simple wooden bed design. These single beds are perfect for a residential hotel, a kid’s room or a guest room. Visit our website for more single-bed designs.

Single Bed

Double Bed Design

This black bed set has a tufted leather back that makes it very simple and elegant. Find more latest double bed designs on our website.

Kids Bed Design

Check out this amazing bunk bed for your kid’s room. Having a bunk bed in the room is every child’s dream. Bunk beds come in so many colours and designs that make it difficult for them to choose. These are available at reasonable prices depending on the material used. Buy one for your kids’ room from Mehshan Interiors today!

Simple Double Bed Design

Check out this amazing master bed design! This furniture set is proof that the wooden material is here to stay. The wooden beds are very popular because they come in so many unique designs that make it difficult to ignore them.

These are some of the most common bed designs in Pakistan. You can pair your bed set with an aesthetic wallpaper or a beautiful matching carpet to give your bedroom a dreamy effect. For more bed wall designs and bed, prices make sure to see our website.

Bed Price in Pakistan:

Not sure about the double bed price in Pakistan? Here we have mentioned a price range to help you get an estimate of bed design prices in Pakistan. The price of the beds varies depending on the design, the size along with the material used.

A simple king-size double bed design in Pakistan costs about 60000 PKR – 100000 PKR

Single bed designs cost around 40000 PKR – 60000 PKR

Single bed for children costs around 30000 PKR – 50000 PKR

Royal or luxurious bed sets can cost around 150000 PKR – 250000 PKR

Queen Smart Bed Price in Pakistan is 65000 PKR – 95000 PKR

Know more about single bed and double bed designs with prices in Pakistan and find bed designs that fit your budget by visiting our website.


A furniture bed design is a big investment you make for your home. Make sure to choose a reliable furniture shop in Pakistan. We at Mehshan Interiors are here to make your furniture shopping easy. Get a bed for sale in Rawalpindi, a bed for sale in Islamabad, and a bed for sale in Lahore online without worrying about the price, design and quality. We have the best bed ke design available on our website that are just a click away from you. We also have the best aftersales service that makes us our customer’s no. 1 choice! So, want a double bed for sale in Islamabad? Quickly head over to our website to order your favourite bed set design online at the sale price. Get your interiors delivered to your doorstep now.

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